Hacker Junk Creation: Gears
Hacker Junk Creation: Gears

Hacker Junk Creation: Gears

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An assemblage of wood, images from Scientific American Magazine from the 70's, an exhibition invitation, quilting magazine, plastic and foam pads, various plastic gears from tape deck, disc drives, stator, metal and plastic guides, belt, acrylic paint & Mod Podge. Some parts can be gently moved. 9" x 6"


L 6.00 in W 1.00 in H 9.00 in



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Artist or Store Name:Melsplace
I am a hacker taking apart old technology to use in bold abstract compositions. Inside your computer are components, when broken down they become beautiful abstract shapes in various colors and materials. I transform recycled computer parts into mosaics, jewelry, hats, refrigerator magnets. I also share this process with people of all ages at workshops and community events. An onslaught of old technology and a lack of disposal policies has spawned industries that exploit children and the poor and pose serious health and environmental dangers.

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