Special shipping instructions

********The shipping and handling cost shown is not the true cost!**********   It is required that I have a shipping cost showing for each item.  I put $30 in each item to meet that requirement, BUT THAT DOES NOT REFLECT THE TRUE COST OF SHIPPING.

Please contact me before purchasing an item. The shipping and handling costs all depend the on size of the item being purchased, the weight and destination. I will try to send each piece the most economical way possible. The shipping and handling costs might be more than your willing to pay.....so, please do not purchase an item until I can give you a shipping and handling price.

Once payment is verified; the item purchased will ship within two business days. Whenever possible I will have confirmation of delivery and will forward that information to you.

I will also add insurance to any package so long as your willing to pay for it and the shipper offers that option.

If you need an item to be delivered within a day or two, I will certainly try my best to accommodate your request if the shipper can deliver the item that quickly.