Welcome Message

Hello!  Thank you for looking at my site.  I make recycled birdbaths, bird feeders, plant stands or just art for the yard.  I have been making these for the past 10 years and have not even come close to making the same one twice.  It's satisfying knowing that each piece is different and one of a kind.  I thoroughly enjoy searching for these treasures, and then mixing and matching them to make these beautiful pieces.

Although I make these pieces to be put out into the yard or garden; I have had some women purchase them to place in their kitchens to put goodies upon....they claim they're just too pretty to put outside!  These pieces add color and whimsy to the yard or garden; and are great conversation pieces.  I love watching people's faces when they see my art...sometimes a quizzical look; she must be crazy look; an amazed look.... but the best one is when their faces light up and smiles appear with comments like, "Aren't these fun!"  Here's hoping you find one that matches your personality.  Enjoy!

FYI - Please bring these pieces inside when it is winter time....especially if it is going to freeze and snow.  Here in Portland, Oregon I have left them outside all winter long and they have done fairly well....but, there was this one time....it snowed, freezing rain, snowed....and the top part of bird bath broke from the water accumulating on top and freezing.  So, please, please, please bring them inside...a shed, garage, basement, etc. just so they're out of the elements.  Thank You!