What is a juried website?

“Juried” means that you must submit a description and photographs of your products that are reviewed by a jury (a knowledgeable committee) before they are accepted for sale on the ArtfullyReimagined.com site. Your work will be accepted based on its creativity and use of found, reclaimed, recycled, repurposed, upcycled or vintage objects.

How long does the juried process take?

Typically, you will hear whether an item has been accepted or rejected within 48 hours by the e-mail that you supply to us.

How much does it cost to sell on ArtfullyReimagined.com?

There are no fees to join, sign up or list your products for sale. We simply charge a ten percent (10%) commission upon the sale of each item. There are no hidden fees.

Can I sell more than one type of product?

Absolutely, as long as a portion of the product contains found, reclaimed, recycled, repurposed, upcycled or vintage objects and the items were repurposed in America. Remember that a jury for acceptance onto our site reviews all submissions.

How do I register as a seller on ArtfullyReimagined.com?

Detailed instructions on how to register as a seller and post a product are contained in the Sellers Handbook. We also created a YouTube video to walk you though the process step by step: click here to watch it and to also learn how to post a product on our site.

How do I become a featured artist on the home page?

Featured items on the home page of ArtfullyReimagined.com are selected by our jurors and based on their creativity. The selection is varied to represent a range of different mediums. Typically, we select 4 different sellers to feature every week.

How do I get paid?

We accept a multitude of payment options for buyers, however, all sellers are paid through a verified PayPal account only ArtfullyReimagined.com processes sales and payments once a day (closing of business EST). Our sales commission is automatically deducted from the gross sales total before you, the seller, are paid.

How do I establish a PayPal account?

Please go directly to www.paypal.com to establish an account.

Can I open multiple accounts?

Each seller can only have one account, but there is no limit to the number of approved items that any seller can have.

How much are the ReimagineIt Grants?

The ReimagineIt Grants start at $500.

How do I return an item?

It is the responsibility of each seller to specify whether or not they will accept returns. Please read a seller’s return policy before you make a purchase. If you have any questions and/or wish to return an item, you must e-mail the seller directly.

I bought a product, but never received it.

ArtfullyReimagined.com is a venue of many individual sellers, each of whom is responsible for processing and shipping their own orders. If you have a question or do not receive purchased products in a timely manner, you must contact the seller directly.

In the event that the seller does not respond after repeated attempts to contact them, you may report this to ArtfullyReimagined.com - no sooner than 7 days and no later than 45 days after the transaction date. The seller will be allowed 7 days to respond. If the seller does not respond within 7 days, or if you are not satisfied with the proposed resolution, you may request ArtfullyReimagined.com make a decision on your case. Both parties will be bound by this decision.

ArtfullyReimagined.com reserves the right to suspend or terminate a Seller’s account for non-delivery.

Item is not as described?

In the event that a product is significantly different from the original listing, you must contact the seller. The seller may offer you a partial refund; ask that the item be returned for a full refund; or, if you are in agreement, request that the item be returned in exchange for a replacement item.

If you are offered a partial refund, you have the option of accepting it, requesting a different amount or requesting that the item be returned for a full refund. If the seller fails to resolve the issue to your satisfaction or does not respond, you may contact ArtfullyReimagined.com to determine resolution for the dispute.

How do I obtain a refund?

Obtaining a refund in a dispute will vary depending on your payment method.

If you paid by credit card via direct checkout, ArtfullyReimagined.com may issue a refund to the buyer and recoup funds from the seller as necessary to resolve a case.

If you paid with PayPal, you will need to contact PayPal support for information on how to open a claim for refund. PayPal has a time limit for opening a dispute: you must open a claim within 45 days of the payment date.

If the PayPal deadline has passed, you can contact your bank or credit card vendor for information about opening a claim.

If you have any other questions, please e-mail us directly at Support@ArtfullyReimagined.com

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