Kaleidoscope Flower birdbath
Kaleidoscope Flower birdbath
Kaleidoscope Flower birdbath

Kaleidoscope Flower birdbath

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This birdbath is approximately 15" H x 12 7/8" W.  The large white plate on top has a light blue outer edge.  The tall vase is a very pale blue with multi-colored flowers, which remind me of a kaleidoscope.  The vase has a thin black line towards the top and bottom, which separates the pale blue color and the white edges.  There are two large flowers; one is in front and the other towards the back.  These two flowers are identical in size and color.  The colors are as follows from the outer edge inward:  pale yellow, light lime green, white, bright sky blue, white, teal, white, pink, white, teal, bright sky blue, teal and bright sky blue.  On either side of these two flowers are four flowers peeking out from behind them.  All four have the same color combination as follows from the outer edge inward:  pink, pale yellow, bright sky blue, teal, bright sky blue.  These flowers have two, three or four teal colored leaves with white centers.  The top plate is dishware and the vase is ceramic.


W 12.87 in H 15.00 in



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Artist or Store Name:RecaCreations
I have been crafting all my life, and mainly just for fun as a hobby. Over the years many friends and family have enjoyed my creations. Ten years ago I decided to see how the general public would accept my creations as well, and to date they still seem to enjoy and embrace them....in which I am greatly appreciated. I have always been a huge recycler and I'm glad to say that my art reflects that view.

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