5 Easy Ways to Re-purpose and Reuse Old Furniture! by Julie Austin
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5 Easy Ways to Re-purpose and Reuse Old Furniture! by Julie Austin

5 Easy Ways to Re-purpose and Reuse Old Furniture!

  1. Recycling Drawers:

You have a dresser that is at the end of its usefulness; however, if the drawers are still in good condition, you're in good fortune! With a little innovation, you'll discover loads of approaches to reuse old drawers. Add plug board to the drawer and hang it on the divider for a cool release board. Change over that old drawer into an excellent bloom box.

A little drawer makes for a pleasant bookshelf and light. In case you're a rescue addict with bunches of little drawers, make a cool example of racks on your divider. Transform a luxurious drawer into an in vogue stool. Extra focuses on the off chance that it opens up for additional capacity. Add a few legs to the base of the drawer to make an open stockpiling confine for toys or books the children's room. Utilize a rural looking drawer as a centerpiece for your vacation stylistic theme.

  1. Chair Flowerpot Holder:

Repurpose the highest point of an axle seat as outdoor stylistic layout by including three hose clamps with screws. Included the hook from a wooden holder to the top, and then add three provincial earthenware pots

They have a faux matured wrap up. You can have same or different size pots; it's totally up to you. Now you can plant beautiful flowers or evergreen plants in your flower pots holder.

  1. Recycling Door:

A wooden door as an entryway can have a restricted life, contingent upon the nature of the wood and structure. Be that as it may, when it is not used for its unique reason for ensuring and protecting a home, a door can be repurposed as a headboard.

Lay a door horizontally or stand two vertically to add an abnormal element behind your bed. It will improve the impact of life long past and make congruous, agreeable, wonderful and one of a kind vintage stylistic theme in your room.


  1. Repurposing of Ladder:

Vintage ladders can in a split second add some old-world appeal to any space. Regardless of whether weather worn or splendid and sparkling, these items are anything but difficult to discover at your nearby market and they have numerous utilizations around the house.

Lean a primitive wooden step against your divider to store your French napkins. This sort of cottage appeal adds enthusiasm to a clear blank area.


  1. Cover Up:

Give new life to antique furniture by repurposing these pieces. One of the least complex approaches to join a vintage armoire into an advanced plan is to refresh it with a fresh coat of paint. Try not to be timid about picking a striking shade. As long as you can adjust it to contemporary stylistic layout, it won't overwhelm the space.

Old furniture doesn't need to be discarded, concealing blemishes on furniture with decoupage it. Deco paging furniture will likewise add accent and unmistakable style to a room. Music sheets can be utilized to conceal flaws on a damaged dresser and giving an all-white room a shabby chic look. Different things are awesome for deco paging pieces of furniture like maps, book pages, letters, and postcards. This treatment will conceal gouges, water marks, missing finish and different impairs on furniture

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