Shed Some Light on Your Artwork
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Shed Some Light on Your Artwork

You’ve filled your home with beautiful art. But have you taken the time to make sure it’s lit correctly to help bring it to its full viewing potential?

Recessed lighting fixtures built into the ceilings of your home can provide the subtle light needed to bring out the beauty of your art, but they aren’t always located where you want to showcase a particular piece. Picture lights provide an easy solution. These fixtures attach to the top of a frame and are available in cordless models. Many will take low-wattage bulbs. Track lighting provides another alternative for lighting a single piece or even showcasing a gallery wall. If you have artwork that sits on a mantel or a shelf and don’t want to use a frame light, try using spotlights or mantel lights that will illuminate the artwork from the bottom.

In order to further protect your investments, never hang artwork where it will be exposed to direct sunlight – the UV rays can fade and potentially damage a piece. (Replacing the regular glass in a frame with museum glass can help diminish UV exposure, as well as reduce glare and reflections.) Avoid hanging your pieces in bright, white, artificial light (e.g., fluorescent light) and always use the dimmest bulb possible while still keeping the lighting even.

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