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ArtfullyReimagined.com is owned and operated by DON’T TOSS IT LLC, hereafter referred to as ArtfullyReimagined.com.

How do you select a username and/or store name?

On ArtfullyReimagined.com you are represented by a username or a store name.

When you sign up to sell on ArtfullyReimagined.com, your default name will be your username unless you designate a store name. If you select a store name, your user name will remain unchanged. It is important to know that usernames cannot be changed, and you are only permitted to have one username. You are permitted to change your store name at any time.

What can you sell?

ArtfullyReimagined.com is an ecommerce world for artists and fine craftsmen to sell original works that incorporate found, reclaimed, recycled, repurposed, upcycled, or vintage materials. We don’t have a minimum requirement for the usage of these materials, however, our site is juried and selection of items is based on the creative use of them.

All submitted works must be repurposed in the United States of America.

How to register as a seller on ArtfullyReimagined.com

  1. Go to: http://www.ArtfullyReimagined.com

  2. Click on “Sell” in the black navigation bar at the top of the homepage. You will be redirected to a seller’s login page.

  3. If you are not registered, at the bottom of the page click “New Sellers Sign Up Here.” You will be redirected to the sign-up form. All fields with the hot pink asterisk symbol are required.

  4. Choose a “Username / Store Name.” This is how others will see you on our site. Use alpha, numeric, and space symbols only. This information cannot be changed, so double-check it for errors. Your username is also case sensitive.

  5. Fill in your first and last name as well as a current email address for all routine and buyer communications. (A confirmation email will be sent to this address with a link to validate your registration shortly after you submit the registration form).

  6. Fill in your valid PayPal email address (the one you used to establish your PayPal account). ArtfullyReimagined.com uses PayPal exclusively to pay Sellers for items that have sold on our site (less our flat 10% commission). This e-mail address may or may not be the same one that you use for other communications.

  7. Provide your telephone number and full mailing address.

  8. If you have a website URL you may provide it; but this information is not required.

  9. Tell us more about your company, i.e., more about who you are and how you use repurposing in your artworks. This is not required.

  10. Choose a password that is 8 to 20 characters long and a combination of numbers and letters. This password is case sensitive.

  11. Read the “Seller’s Agreement” (click on the link to be directed to this important contractual document). Once you have read and agree to its terms, check off the “Seller’s Agreement” box. You are bound to the terms of this agreement.

  12. DOUBLE-CHECK all information. Typos in your “Username / Store Name” and email addresses will cause future issues when logging in.

  13. Click “CONTINUE” at the bottom of the page once you have completed all the required information (denoted by a pink asterisk).


After clicking on “CONTINUE” please note that the registration process is not finalized. You will receive an auto-generated email to the email address you provided containing an activation link. You MUST click on the activation link to complete the registration process. The system generates this email almost instantly – if you do not receive it within a few minutes please check your spam/junk folder. If, for any reason, you do not receive an activation link, contact Support@ArtfullyReimagined.com immediately.

After you have activated your registration, you may use the “Sell” tab on the home page (also accessible in the website footer) at any time to log in to the administrative side of your seller site. You can also access the login page by going directly to: http://ArtfullyReimagined.com/admin.

Remember that registered sellers log in using their “Username / Store Name” (NOT an email address) and their chosen password.

If you forget your password at any time or wish to reset your password, you may click on “Forgotten Password.” You will receive an email on how to regain access to the site and choose a new password.

Do NOT try to sign in as a customer or via the “My Account” view. These customer logins are for buyers only.

You have a multitude of features available to you on the back end of the site. In addition to posting products, you can check out orders, review transactions, establish unique store policies, add a welcome message and more. Utilizing these features will help your sales and tracking of sales.

How do I post a product on ArtfullyReimagined.com

It is easy to upload pictures and products to ArtfullyReimagined.com. After you have mastered the basics, it takes only minutes – as long as you already have properly sized photos and a well-written description.

When you log into the back-end side of your Seller account, you will land on the “Dashboard.” Click on the TAB “Post a Product.”

IMPORTANT: You must complete all required information (noted by a hot pink asterisk) under the Product Name/Description, Product Details/Shipping and Category(ies) TABS before submitting a product for approval. The system will not remember incomplete product submissions. If information is missing, a warning tab will appear saying “Please check the form carefully for errors.” Look for missed required fields under all tabs.

Product Name/Description TAB. Both fields on this page are required. The information that you put in these text boxes drives traffic to your individual item. It’s important to be accurate, tell the story of how you created your piece, describe the materials used and explain the relevance of your work to buyers who are passionate about repurposed artworks.

Product Details/Shipping TAB

Price: Do NOT use the dollar symbol ($), Use USD numbers and decimals only.

Quantity: The default is 1, however, you can change this if you have IDENTICAL items for sale (same color, same size, etc).

Standard shipping: This is the only required shipping method. Other listed options are available.

Return Policy: The default is “No Returns Accepted.” You have an option to accept returns in the drop down menu. You can also create a return policy under your “Store Policies” TAB.

Main Photo: As the saying goes, “A picture paints a thousand words.” It is so important to make your products look attractive and appealing to buyers. Take the time to stage your products, show your creativity and take the photos under ideal conditions.

The optimal size of photos is 500 pixels wide, with a maximum file size of 1MB. The following file extensions are allowed: .jpg, .jpeg, .gif and .png. Very large image sizes will not upload, so please review your file size before attempting to load an image onto the site.

Instructions for loading images: Click the “Browse Files” button. The image manager will open in a new window. You must upload images from the source file - your camera, computer, etc. When the image uploads, you will get a confirmation “Success. Your file has been uploaded!” Find the image you would like to use in your image manager and DOUBLE CLICK on it. This will load the image into the Main Photo category (you will see a thumbnail of it). If you inadvertently load the wrong image, you can hit the “Clear” button and go back into the image manager to reselect an image.

Category(ies) TAB

You MUST select at least one category for every product that you post. It’s important to pick the right category so that customers can easily find you and that the shopping experience is meaningful and useful to buyers. It does not help you or buyers to post products in inappropriate categories.

In addition, all sellers should check off the All Products category for each of their items.

Additional Photos TAB:

You can post up to 4 additional photos, however, this is not required. Please refer to the size and file guidelines provided under “Main Photo.”

After you have filled out all required information and desired optional information,

click “Submit Product for Approval.” This saves your information. You can (and should) go back to preview your listing and check it for errors. You can edit your posting (at any time) by selecting the edit button next to the product under the “Products” TAB.

Store Policies TAB in the Top Navigation:

This section provides you the opportunity to tell your story, establish store policies and provide buyers with contact information if they have questions. You can edit these text boxes at any time. They are not required, but they provide helpful information to buyers and are visible on all of your product pages. You only have to input this information once, and it will be populated on all of your product pages.

For additional information or support, please contact us at: Support@ArtfullyReimagined.com.


All listings on ArtfullyReimagined.com should be clear, accurate and detailed. Accurate photos, descriptions and listing information are critical. You must adhere to the following guidelines:

Listing descriptions and photos must accurately describe the item for sale so buyers know what is included in the purchase.

  • Each listing must be a tangible item that is available for purchase. You may not create a listing for an item that is not for sale or sold out.

  • Listing prices must be reasonable.

  • The shipping cost must be reasonable for the item.

  • Each unique item must have its own listing. You may group items as a set into a single listing if the items are being sold and shipped together.

  • You may not edit a listing's information to change it to an entirely different item; this is considered fee avoidance.

  • You may not use ArtfullyReimagined.com to direct shoppers to another online selling source to purchase the same item or items listed on ArtfullyReimagined.com. This is strictly prohibited and constitutes fee avoidance. This includes posting links/URLs or providing information sufficient to locate the other online source(s).

  • A listing may not be conditional upon the purchase of any other items in your store.

  • Drop shipping is not permitted. All items must be shipped under the direct supervision of the seller.

Prohibited items:

Every seller is responsible for following the laws that apply to you, your store and your artworks, including any shipping restrictions and applicable sales taxes. The following types of items may not be used in the manufacture or listed on ArtfullyReimagined.com.

  • Alcohol

  • Tobacco

  • Drugs and drug paraphernalia

  • Live animals, illegal animal products

  • Pornography

  • Firearms and/or weapons

  • Recalled items

  • Items or listings that promote or support hatred or demean anyone based on: race, ethnicity, religion, gender, disability, or sexual orientation; including items or content that promote organizations with such views

  • Items or listings that promote or support illegal activity or instruct others to engage in illegal activity

  • Items or listings that promote, support or glorify acts of violence or harm towards self or others

At ArtfullyReimagined.com, we require all users to make important moral and ethical decisions when they buy and sell on our site. Please refer to our Terms of Use.

How long does a listing last?

A listing lasts until an item is sold. It is the sole responsibility of the seller to ensure all items posted on ArtfullyReimagined.com are tangible items available for sale. ArtfullyReimagined.com will disable a listing at the time of purchase on our site. If you seek other venues to sell your items, and the item sells elsewhere, the seller is required to remove the active listing on ArtfullyReimagined.com immediately upon sale.

Custom orders:

Custom orders or customizable items are not an option on ArtfullyReimagined.com. Items must already be made and ready for sale when posted on our site.

Why do I need a PayPal Account?

To become a seller on ArtfullyReimagined.com, you need to provide us with a valid e-mail address and PayPal account. This is how you are paid for items that you sell on our site (less our 10% commission) along with shipping and handling fees.

How do fees work?

There are no membership fees or fees to list items on ArtfullyReimagined.com. Once an item sells, we assess a ten percent (10%) commission on every item’s sale price.

Communicating with buyers

Periodically sellers need to communicate with buyers about transactions. As such, you must follow the following guidelines:

  • You may not make contact with other buyers or sellers unless you are expressly involved in an open transaction with them.

  • You may only engage in conversations about questions, details or problems related to the sale of items.

  • All communications must be professional and courteous. We do not permit harassment or abuse of any kind from buyers or sellers.

  • We encourage prompt responses to queries.

  • You may not contact anyone who has explicitly told you not to contact them.

  • You may not send unsolicited advertisements or promotions.

  • You may not direct or try to entice a buyer away from another seller.

  • You may not try to entice anyone to buy or sell an item listed on ArtfullyReimagined.com outside of the ArtfullyReimagined.com website.


Sellers must ship items within a reasonable amount of time. If we are contacted by a buyer for non-delivery, you may be asked to provide ArtfullyReimagined.com with additional information to resolve the dispute.


ArtfullyReimagined.com does not refund commissions for returned items. If a purchase is returned, the seller is required to refund the sales price, IN FULL, to the buyer. The seller may determine whether or not to accept returns and related conditions (for example, whether shipping fees will be refunded).


ArtfullyReimagined.com encourages buyers and sellers to attempt to resolve issues directly. If a case is escalated to ArtfullyReimagined.com, our team will determine resolution for the dispute. Both parties will be bound by ArtfullyReimagined.com’s decision.

ArtfullyReimagined.com reserves all rights to suspend or terminate account privileges to any user who does not comply with ArtfullyReimagined.com’s guidelines outlined above and in our Terms of Use, Seller’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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