10 quirky ways to reuse old or leftover tiles
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10 quirky ways to reuse old or leftover tiles

Reusing your old tiles is a great way to save money, give the tiles you love a second chance and provide yourself with a fun new hobby. If you’re looking to transform the look of your bathroom or kitchen by changing the tiling, keep in mind the crafty potential of the old tiles you're thinking of chucking.

You’ll often end up with spares after a tiling job and, with old tiles, once you’ve removed the mortar from the backs of them, you’re free to use them in whatever way you wish, and that’s where the fun starts. Here are ten creative uses for old or leftover tiles that you’re going to love.

1. Giant scrabble

Of course, you’d need an awful lot of leftover or old tiles to get a whole scrabble set (which comes with 100 letters, including blanks), but no one says you need an entire scrabble set. Pick a word or two that you love and paint each letter on a tile using ceramic or porcelain-friendly paint, then attach them to the wall. TIP: Make sure that the two words share a letter, so you can put one through the other, just like in scrabble.

2. Artwork

Tiles don't just have to be the background in a room, they can be front and centre in the aesthetic theme you’re going for. Frame an arrangement of tiles and you’ve got yourself a nice bit of minimalist art that’s sure to enhance a room.

3. Coffee table top

Spruce up an old or scuffed coffee table with a bright tile top, or go for something more muted to create an unmistakable sense of class and style. Tiles are designed to be resistant, so they’ll easily withstand any mugs or books you place on them.

4. House number

What better way to welcome someone to your house, while at the same time showing your visitors the kind of quirky person you are, than having reused tile house numbers at the entrance. Choose a variety of tiles, so you can have a different colour or style for each digit in your house number.

5. Coasters

A wonderfully simple way to reuse tiles, coasters are a lovely accessory to a table and also serve a practical purpose. Simply use the tiles as they are, or if you want a softer and less scratching underside, back them with cork and they’ll be good to go.

6. Mirror frame

This is the furnishing that you probably spend the most time looking at (depending on how vain you are), so why not make it an attractive item in its own right. Outline your mirror with old tiles, you can go for tiles from the same sets or alternate between them to create something really eye-catching.

7. Plant pot decoration

Works best with smaller tiles, but you can break or cut up larger ones and still do something great by attaching them to plant pots. Very well-suited to decorating, plant pots are long-lasting and usually in a prominent place in the garden.

8. Garden pathway (floor tiles only)

Add something arty to your garden with a path of floor tiles. Make sure that they’re floor tiles, not wall tiles, because wall tiles haven’t been designed to be stepped on (that would be a sad outcome for your dear old tiles).

9. Mosaics

You’ll have a smashing time with this one. Get your hammer (and eye goggles) out and take it to your old or leftover tiles. The random shards of tiles will make a really striking mosaic that you can make into whatever pattern you want, and you can put wherever you want in your house.

10. Mini chalk board

This is really nice one and perfect for leaving notes for family or housemates. Contractors and DIY enthusiasts often use chalk to draw on tiles to note where they’ll be going on a wall or floor, because it’s easy to rub off. Attach a wooden chalk ledge to the bottom of the tile and you’re good to go and be as passive-aggressive as you like.

I hope you’re feeling inspired to use those old or leftover tiles you were thinking of throwing away. We think all tiles deserve more than the bin and these are all incredible ways of giving them a second life while adding something quirky to your home.

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