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The Drone
a metalic silver armored owl lamp made of futon parts, duct work, lawnmower parts and comput..
steampunk silicon valley raptor
Raptor made of a culmination of steak knives, gas line, broken pliers, computer and clock parts. ..
The Butterscotch Blues birdbath
This birdbath is approximately 13" H x 10" W. The plate on top is square with a tan edge and a br..
A bouquet of Roses, tulips , lillies and stylized leaves made from repurposed poker chips, the ba..
vertical cascading bike gears clock
these recycled bike gears are painstakenly cleaned and prepared for paint.  they measure rou..
steampunk beetle
A beetle created from reclaimed computer parts ..
Wild Side yard art
This is a contemporary black and white piece.  All of the larger plates are white with a bla..
steampunk bat
 metalic silver construct culmination of lawn mower, bicycle, computer ,trashcan , extendabl..
made of bicycle, garbage can, pencil sharpener , lantern and ornament parts all reclaimed. Painte..
steampunk dragonfly 2.0
A culmination of lantern, dinnerware, clock , bicycle and carburatore parts to create a fly for t..
Utopic Flag
A newspaper collage made out of 45 individual canvases covered in newspaper.  Comes ready to..
This is Oregon birdbath
This is just a small sample of what Oregon has to offer, but it does hit upon what Oregon is made..
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