Random Blooms Hanging Bird Feeder
Random Blooms Hanging Bird Feeder

Random Blooms Hanging Bird Feeder

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This bird feeder is a plate that already had two holes on each side of the plate.  The hanging portion is made out of plastic covered wire with a ring at the top.  The design is Japanese with a blue flower with a green center and three leaves; orange / yellow flower with six leaves; orange / white flower on a long stem with three leaves; circle and square in a gold color with small white flowers and black stems and leaves; and the plate's remaining background is white with a light green boarder at the edge.  The top and bottom edge has a white flower, stem and leaves etched out of the light green color of the plate.  This bird feeder measures approximately 9 1/4" W and 9 3/4" W at the handle side.


W 9.25 in


1.00 lb



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Artist or Store Name:RecaCreations
I have been crafting all my life, and mainly just for fun as a hobby. Over the years many friends and family have enjoyed my creations. Ten years ago I decided to see how the general public would accept my creations as well, and to date they still seem to enjoy and embrace them....in which I am greatly appreciated. I have always been a huge recycler and I'm glad to say that my art reflects that view.

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