Shimmerlings® Flower Garden Necklace
Shimmerlings® Flower Garden Necklace
Shimmerlings® Flower Garden Necklace
Shimmerlings® Flower Garden Necklace

Shimmerlings® Flower Garden Necklace

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Copper sheet with patina added is the base of this treasure; with a copper wire coiled as the second layer as the cold connection that holds the flower in the garden. Fine silver Flower shape is hand formed from PMC (Precious Metal Clay) and fired in my kiln, then a reclaimed gold plated round is hand domed and drilled; for the wire connection.  Three different types of reclaimed chain are linked together to create the neckpiece, with a 6mm Amethyst bauble dangling from the end!

Length of chain adjustable to 19"  Pendant 2.25" in length .75" in width

Created by JeaneMargherite from Shimmerlings®



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Artist or Store Name:Shimmerlings
I have been an artist the full length of my life. My jewelry craft began at the age of 10, when my grandmother passed away I received a huge box of her costume jewelry....none of course that I would wear! So I disassembled all of the components, divided them, and created a new piece for myself. I wore it to school, and the girls went wild, asking if I would make them something.... so I basically sold off my grandmothers "inheritance" one dollar at a time!! But the creating of fun wearable jewelry from the discarded made me so happy! My creations are an extension of my personality in all its faceted, eclectic and expressive style; my gift is embellishment - and I do take that quite seriously.... I create the extraordinary from the common place. I work with nature, found objects, vintage pieces as well as metal clay and creations of other arts. I have the ability to gather separate components that may seem regular or run or the mill, and put them together in a way that will express your very personality! You'll know it when you see it! It will call to you! You will not even be aware that you needed it until it finds you.

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